About the Club


Vegan Runners UK (VRUK) was launched at the London Vegan Festival on 4 July 2004 for vegans of all running abilities to raise awareness of veganism throughout the UK and to provide a focus for current vegans with an interest in running. A separate organisation, the Vegetarian Cycling & Athletic Club founded in 1888, was the only choice for vegan runners prior to the formation of VRUK, vegetarian runners are encouraged to join the VC&AC, for information visit Vegetarian C&AC.


VRUK membership has been increasing substantially during 2015 and 2016 and by May had reached around 750 paid-up members. Members can buy the distinctive green and black Vegan Runners kit. Pages detailing how to join and how to order clothing can be found in the menu above.

Activities & Events

You can keep up-to-date with the Club’s activities via our blog and other news on this website and through our UK Vegan Runners Facebook group. Members are encouraged to enter events of their own choice or the Club’s regionally targeted events. Details of planned events should be submitted to the Club’s Diary Secretary so they can be added to the events listing on this website. A good way to meet other members is to check the race diary to see who is running where. Some blog reports relating to past and future member meet-ups can be found here. Participation in track & field, walking and multi-sport events is encouraged as well as running events of all distances on any terrain. Members will be responsible for entering their chosen events and paying the appropriate fees. Events can be found publicised in magazines such as Athletics Weekly and Runners World as well as via on-line event calendars and listings. VRUK encourages vegans of all abilities to participate. In most open events there are runners with a wide range of abilities and levels of fitness. VRUK will promote the cause best with vegans finishing over a wide range of times preferably wearing Vegan Runners kit. Obviously the fast runners will achieve much needed publicity from their performances but remember ALL vegan runners play a significant role in awareness raising while at the same time enjoying a health-promoting activity.

Fitness & Training

Given that members generally live far apart opportunities for group training sessions are limited but VRUK do hold some training sessions and meet-ups. Further information on these can be found on the Get in touch page, dates of planned sessions can be found on the Events page. Supporters are most welcome at these sessions. The weekly 5K parkruns are an ideal meeting venue for vegan runners and local groups occasionally gather at them.

Club Affiliation

VRUK is affiliated to UK Athletics via England Athletics (EA) so, if you pay the joining fee for first claim members of VRUK, you are entitled to the discounted entry fee for events in England. Members registered with England Athletics who enter events in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland may still have to pay the unattached fee at some events as the Club can only affiliate to one UK country. Members based in Scotland can individually affiliate to the Scottish Athletics Association (SAA) governing body and Scottish Hillrunners in order to obtain local discounts and in the case of SAA select VRUK as their registered UK Athletics club. The Welsh Athletics governing body now has a registration system similar to England Athletics that only accepts members of a Welsh registered club. It is therefore recommended that the Wales-based member who is not a member of a Welsh registered club should join VRUK as 1st claim for benefits via England Athletics. Other VRUK contacts who are not a member of an affiliated club must pay the fee for unattached/unaffiliated club runners. If you are a paid-up first claim member of VRUK the club name given on any entry form should be ‘Vegan Runners UK’.

Results & Feedback

Members are encouraged to report back to VRUK after their events, submitting their results to the Results Secretary so they can be recorded and added to the website. Reports, photos and news submitted for the blog or added to the UK Vegan Runners Facebook group are always welcome. Keeping track of activity is very important for VRUK, its members, recruiting of further members and the vegan cause.

Volunteers & Committee

To help develop and operate the Club it is essential to have a number of Club volunteers for various tasks. Volunteers to act as Local Contacts for areas not covered are needed. If you have any skills that you would like to use for the Club’s benefit please contact the Club Secretary.