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New Members

Joining Vegan Runners UK is easy and open to any standard of runner. To be accepted for membership you need to follow a vegan diet. The membership year runs from 1 April to 31 March and additionally new members joining from January to March will have their membership carried forward so they get over 12 months membership in the first year. From December 2017, new applicants in December will not be approved until early January 2018 unless the applicant does not mind paying again from 1 April.

UK Athletics, the governing body of athletics has a separate governing body for each of the home nations (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland). Clubs are only allowed to register with one home nation where the club’s home address is registered, normally VRUK’s Club Secretary, currently in the North-West of England so, VRUK is affiliated to England Athletics.

VRUK’s membership year is aligned with UK Athletics i.e. 1 April to 31 March, we already withhold registrations with England Athletics in December, earlier if the member wants to wait until January, rather than pay twice to England Athletics via the Club.

There are basically two types of membership:

  1. Club Membership Only
  2. Club Membership + England Athletics Registration

There are also categories of both options as listed at the bottom of this webpage with prices.

To join Vegan Runners UK please complete the form below. You can let us know a bit about yourself in the space provided on the form i.e. Are you new to running? An accomplished ultra runner? Training for your first half marathon? – that sort of thing. If you race then a recent PB time is useful. Maybe you enjoy other sports or are involved in other vegan or animal welfare groups? You should also use the ‘About you’ field to give your reason for claiming concession rate if applicable.

To help you decide which option is suitable for the runner, please visit Membership Q&A

Renewing Members

If you are renewing your membership, please Sign In to the club’s membership system ‘membermojo’ here. Membermojo will allow the member to sign in without a password by entering the e-mail address on your account. The system will e-mail the member a single use link that lasts for 2 hours. Once logged-in you can set a password using the option under the ‘Your Membership’ heading.

Check your account details to ensure they are up-to-date and select the renew option.

If you are experiencing problems or are not sure what to do please contact us.

Membership type Rate
Adult (not including affiliation to England Athletics)£6
Adult (including affiliation to England Athletics, £6 + £14)£20
Concession (not including affiliation to England Athletics)£4
Concession (including affiliation to England Athletics, £4 + £14)£18
Household Membership: (£9 + £14 per EA Affiliation)from£9