Vegan Runners Nutrition

Going Vegan can be a big decision which people make for a variety of reasons. People often worry about how they will get adequate nutrition, protein or B12. There are stories about the dangers of a vegan diet and some terrible stereotypes too. However, today more and more people are turning to a compassionate vegan diet. There is lots of information out there about how to be a healthy vegan and a fantastic variety of amazing cook books and vegan nutrition books available to help make the transition. It really has never been easier to go vegan.

A Vegan, or plant based diet, is a diet of abundance and variety which can help you to be a Vegan Runner. Some people worry that they’ll never be able to eat pizza or cake again or other foods they love but just about all non-vegan foods can be veganised. There are vegan versions of cheese, ice-cream, meat and even boiled and fried eggs out there now! The best advice for someone wanting to give veganism a try is to do your research. Get a good cook book, look at alternatives in health food shops and the supermarket, find a vegan forum or group, sign up to a Vegan Challenge. The transition can be made much easier with some advice and knowledge.

To ensure you are eating a nutritious plant based diet make sure you eat a varied diet including plenty of fruit and vegetables, especially leafy greens, and try to eat a wide variety of colours.


vegan food pyramid